I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Tulip

We're happy to tell you that Tulip has a new furever home.
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Tulip is absolutely the sweetest, most adorable puppy ever! She is a 6-12 month old, medium sized (27 lb) Border Collie/Australian Shepard mix. She came into rescue because her former family dumped her in a shopping center, and when she was picked up and returned to them they said they didn't want her. I can't even imagine how anyone wouldn't want this absolute sweetheart! But better days are ahead for her.

Tulip is quite calm for a puppy her age. She can be goofy and playful, but is fine being chill and napping when the adults are working from home during the day. She is learning how to play fetch and enjoys soft toys. She is housebroken and hasn't had any accidents in her foster home. She is crate trained and happily sleeps in her crate all night. She does have an adorable little snore when sleeping. She doesn't jump on furniture, even when invited, and has to be lifted up onto a couch or bed. Given her age, she can be a little mouthy (she likes to nibble on noses when she licks your face), but is easily redirected with bully sticks and stuffed toys. She is very affectionate and loves belly rubs and snuggles. 

Tulip appears to be new to lots of things - stairs, a leash, etc., but has taken to everything very quickly. She can sit when asked, but that seems to be the limit of her formal training. However, she is a very smart breed and is easily trainable. She needs some work on the leash, not because she pulls but because she sticks to your calves like glue, making her a tripping hazard. She is a slow walker and often ends up walking behind me. 

Tulip is a good eater and loves treats, also a benefit for trainability. She is good with other dogs who are good with her. The resident dog doesn't like to share his humans or his toys, so he's been very cranky with Tulip and causing her some stress. She has growled back at him when he growls at her, so we keep them separated. She would need to meet any other dog in a home prior to adoption, and given that she is a bit timid, would do best with an equally calm and sweet doggy companion. She hasn't been tested with cats, but she has shown interest in chasing squirrels, and given her herding breed instincts, I don't think she would do well with cats. Given her puppy mouthiness and tendency to jump up on people when she gets excited, she would do best in a home with children older than 6. However, she has been sweet and friendly with every human of any age and gender she has met, rolling on to her back and asking for belly rubs.

If the resident dog wasn't such a crank, Tulip would be a foster fail for sure. Any family would be lucky to have Tulip in their lives.

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