I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Scooby Doo

We're happy to tell you that Scooby Doo has a new furever home.
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Scooby is a very sweet and goofy gentle giant. At 8 months of age, while he looks like a "grown up" Scooby is definitely still a puppy. He has no real grip on his size and sometimes goes into areas or corners where he has to back up to get out because there's simply no room for him to turn around. He is house trained and crate trained but it seems like the training stops there (he is just a baby). He walks nicely on the leash but I'm concerned about the day he sees a squirrel and wants to take off after him. Some level of training will be needed to ensure both Scooby and his forever family.

Scooby would Love for any one of the other 4 dogs at his current home to play with him. Unfortunately they're all smaller than him and Scooby's way of trying to initiate playing is by grabbing hold of one of the dog's back legs with his mouth and yanking on it. If you can't tell by the pictures, Scooby has some pretty big teeth! He doesn't clamp down and he clearly wants to play, not injure, he just has no idea how big he is. 

We joke that he's goofy but he's actually quite a good listener and that's important because when your dog is big enough that he can rest his chin on your kitchen counters, it sure is helpful if he's a decent listener. The only problem on that front is that Scooby can be "forgetful" of the rule about leaving things on the counter alone and needs consistent reminding. 

I don't know if this is typical of many Great Danes, but Scooby is a leaner. It's not enough for him to be near you, he leans in to you. Its so sweet and enduring, but if you don't realize it's coming you can end up flat on your rear, in which case, Scooby will then give you a kiss across your face.

He takes up quite a bit of space, but, Scooby is definitely a Couch dog. He likes to chase the ball in the yard and he loves to play with toys but when the day winds down, he really wants to be lounged out next to you on the couch, binging some Netflix. It doesn't really matter if you think you have enough space for him where you're sitting, he'll make it work.

Giant breed dogs are some of the sweetest animals I have ever met, but having one living in your house can take some getting used to and sometimes even some redecorating. Scooby has been seen more than once re- arranging couch pillows so he can lay his head just so. A growing boy this size eats a rather hefty diet at just shy of 8 cups of kibble a day, that's a cost that can add up quickly. Scooby's 22" tail can clear coffee tables, end tables and more. 

Scooby is smart and wants to please. All he needs is someone to love him and let him snuggle with them on their sofa 

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