I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Miller

We're happy to tell you that Miller has a new furever home.
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Miller is a stunning two-year-old Australian Shepherd/border collie mix, weighing 40lbs. With his one-ear-up-one-down look, he's an absolute heart-melter, and his blue/white/merle fur is simply gorgeous.

He was picked up as a stray by a rural shelter. Upon entering foster care, we realized Miller's past seems to be full of neglect and mistreatment. He was likely used as a breeding dog in a puppy mill or kept outside in a backyard without much human interaction. He shows signs of never having lived inside a house before, such as being afraid of stairs and not being house-trained. He was also reactive to the leash and had no idea what toys or treats are. This resulted in anxiety issues as he adjusted to indoor living. It's heartbreaking to think that such a lovely dog has been so poorly taken care of.

After two months of acclimation, training, and the support of anti-anxiety medication, Miller has made tremendous progress in his foster family. He has been gradually adapted to living indoors, now he is fully house-trained, crate-trained, walks well on leash, rides well in car. He is very dog-friendly, has no issue sharing space with other dogs. Once he establishes trust with someone, Miller shows his affectionate and loyal nature, eagerly seeking cuddles and showering his loved ones with kisses.

When seeking his forever home, we believe it calls for a dedicated and patient family who can allow Miller to settle and adjust at his own pace. Due to his challenging start in his life, Miller may be quite anxious when first entering a new environment. Initially, he might exhibit panting, pacing, and skittish behaviours before eventually finding comfort and bonding with his new family. Considering his initial discomfort with visits to the vet or groomer, it is recommended to let Miller settle and form a bond before introducing him to such experiences. Typical of his breed, he is an energetic boy that would thrive in a family that can meet his exercises needs. Given his herding tendencies, a home without small children and has experience handling herding breeds would be best for him. Initially, he may display caution and wariness toward males, so proper introductions are essential. Ideally, having a female as his primary caretaker would make his adjustment easier.

Although Miller might not be an easy dog to work with, he is an excellent candidate for a patient and dedicated family willing to work with him. With time, patience, and lots of love, Miller will undoubtedly thrive and make someone very lucky. Don't miss out on the opportunity to give this wonderful boy a chance!

Miller is currently being fostered in Plainsboro, NJ. 

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