I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Booberry

We're happy to tell you that Booberry has a new furever home.
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ADOPTED, NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Little Booberry has had a rough start in life.  She was kept in a cage with very little socialization for the sole purpose of being bred to make money off of her puppies. At the ripe old age of 6 when she was too old to breed she was dumped.  Booberry has made her way in to a foster home and is experiencing house living for the first time. She is enjoying soft beds, a warm house and lots of loving.   She is timid but slowly improving.   In spite of her past she is a very sweet little dog who wants desperately to be loved but doesn’t feel she deserves it. She loves to have her neck scratched and will lick your hand for more if you stop.  She has bonded with her foster Mom and won’t let me out of her site. Yet she keeps her distance.  In just two weeks she has stopped shaking when I put her on my lap, now she enjoys the petting, then settles in and sleeps.    Typical puppy mill dog, she is not housetrained, she can not do steps and she doesn’t have a clue how to walk on a leash.  On the plus side she is not yappy. And she is excellent with other dogs. Based on the fact that she is fine with the back-yard chickens I’m guessing she would be fine with cats as well. She means no harm to anyone.

Please understand Booberry is puppy mill.  She will improve but she may never act like a normal dog. She may always be timid, she may never completely housetrain. Update: She is starting to get the idea of housetraining. If you take her outside regularly she does all her business outside.   She is very sweet, although timid she has never shown any signs of aggression. Even when I took her to a pet expo and everyone was petting her.  When I approach her, she becomes very submissive but she does not run from me.  This is a big plus.     She is just the sweetest little thing that needs a quiet home with someone who has patience and a lot of love to give.  Although I crate her when I am not home, she does not like the crate so she is better with someone who is home more then not. She doesn’t know it yet, but this is the beginning of her living her best life.         If you would like to talk about Booberry please contact her foster Mom:  clairej22@gmail.com

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