I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Riley

We're happy to tell you that Riley has a new furever home.
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Look up the word affectionate in the dictionary and Riley’s picture will be next to it.  This three year old, 16 pound spaniel mix will melt your heart.  He is calm, easy going and well behaved. Riley traveled all the way from a KY shelter after being found as a stray.  He must have been wondering for a while because he is a little thin and could stand go gain a couple of pounds. He seems so grateful to be to be in a warm home getting regular meals and treats. 

               Riley is a smart little guy who aims to please.  The slightest reprimand sends him belly up profusely apologizing to have disappointed you.  He lives peacefully with the other small dogs in his foster home. He needs a couple of minutes to get used to dogs he has never met before. Once he realizes they mean no harm he becomes friends with them. He is toy possessive with other dogs, he will also steal a toy from another dog and won't allow them to take it back. He's kind of a jerk that way.   There are no cats in his foster home to test him.  His breed is anyone’s guess, although he is long and low like a dachshund.                 

                    This smart little guy did not arrive in to foster housetrained but he is a quick learn. It took him only a few hours to get the idea. He is now fully houetrained for us.  He may regress initially in a new environment but he should pick it up quickly. 

                  Because he is non-chewing, housetrained and quiet we do not crate him when we leave the home. So far he has been the perfect gentleman when left alone. 

              A good name for Riley would have been Velcro.  He follows me from room to room never wanting me out of his site.  He’s my little shadow.  

             Due to his calm, low energy, quiet nature he would make and ideal companion for an elderly person.

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