I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Caine

We're happy to tell you that Caine has a new furever home.
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Caine is a 5-year old border collie mix who came to Rogers Rescues in September 2022.  While in foster, it was discovered that Caine had hip dysplasia and needed his hip replaced.  Rogers Rescues, with the help of some generous donors, paid for his surgery and his foster home took great care of him through his recovery. 

Caine’s brand new hip is now fully healed!  He’s feeling great without any medication and has been cleared for adoption.  After all he has been through he is still a happy, sweet boy.  He adores his foster family (humans and dogs), walks, stuffed animals, treats and chew toys.  He is reliably housetrained and knows not to chew anything inappropriate, so we have no qualms about leaving him unsupervised.  He walks well on a leash and does well on car rides.  He is a big lovebug once he gets to know you, and sees nothing wrong with plopping his 68 lb body into your lap!  He is very food driven and therefore very easy to train.  His activity level is low to medium.  He loves a nice walk, but is happy to chill on the couch or chew on a toy.

Caine’s hip surgeon has cleared him for most normal activity.  She has offered to talk to his forever family so she can pass on information to help Caine continue his active, pain-free life.

Caine has developed mild stranger anxiety that we believe is a result of his semi-isolation in the months right after his surgery.  He barks and shows signs of anxiety in the first few minutes of meeting new people, but will calm down quickly especially if he is offered treats.  After that he is fine, and will run about showing off his stuffies to his new friends.  He has been thoroughly socialized with both people (of all ages) and dogs during his time in foster.

Caine's ideal family would be willing to help him through his initial anxiety around strangers and continue to socialize him with humans and dogs.  While having a doggie sibling would be great, we believe Caine would be fine being the only dog in the home.  He has met a cat before and didn't show much interest.  He is quite comfortable around young children.

If you think Caine would be a good fit for your family please submit an application.  

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