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Our adoption process

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Step 1: The Application
Anyone wishing to adopt from Rogers' Rescues must first complete our adoption application. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. If you have not heard from us within two days, please contact us at for a status update.

We recognize how excited you are at the prospect of adopting a dog, and we will make every effort to expedite the process. However, we do ask that you keep in mind that every member of the Rogers' Rescues organization is a volunteer and many of us work full time and have families. Most of our rescue work is done in the evenings or on the weekends.

The Rogers' adoption team processes every application received and will notify you if your application is approved or denied. 

Not sure which dog you want? No problem! Learn about our preapproved adopters list.

Step 2: The Phone Interview 
A member of the Rogers' Rescues interview team will contact you either by email or phone to schedule a phone interview. This is not an interrogation! It is a personal conversation with one of our volunteers to find out more information about you and your lifestyle. During this step we'll also check with your vet to make sure that any animals you have now or that you owned in the recent past are spayed/neutered and up to date with the vet.

Step 3: The Home Visit
This step verifies the residential information declared on the application is accurate. It is also important in identifying potential problem areas that you could encounter with a new dog, including gaps in the fence where the dog might escape, children’s toys the dog might chew, etc. The home visit is NOT a "white glove" inspection of a home. We don't want you to clean for us--we want to see your everyday house, so that we can make sure to find you the right everyday dog! 

After your home visit, you can choose to join our preapproved adopters list.

Step 4: Meeting the Dog 
If you haven't already met the dog at one of our adoption events, the dog's foster family will be in touch as soon as your home visit is done to discuss whether the dog you applied for is a match and, if it is, to set up a meeting.

Step 5: Adoption
Your adoption contract will include a complete a copy of the dog's vetting records as well as information about the dog's routines in foster care.

Please make sure to have an ID tag at the time of adoption. In the event your new family member is lost, people will know how to contact you. It has happened that dogs have escaped the same day as adoption, so providing this identification is essential in safely recovering your pet!


Adoption policies

Adoption fee: $250 for dogs 7 years of age and under. $150 for dogs over 7 years. Please note that a dog's age is often just our best guess. 

All dogs in our care have been heartworm tested and have received age-appropriate vaccinations. All adult dogs have been spayed/neutered. Puppies are not usually spayed/neutered before adoption. Adopters are required to sign a spay/neuter contract, give a deposit of $50, and have puppies spayed/neutered by six months of age. Note that we follow up with ALL puppy adopters, and we will take legal action to reclaim any puppy that has not been spayed/neutered by 6 months of age. The $50 will be refunded once you submit proof you have had the dog altered. The surgery must happen by about 6 months of age.

Rogers' Rescues does not have many "blanket" requirements for adopters--but please understand that each of our dogs has individual needs. For example, one dog might need a fenced yard, while another is perfectly fine with leash walking. We DO accept applications from adopters who rent, who don't have a fenced yard, and who have children.

If, for any reason, you cannot keep the dog you've adopted from Rogers' Rescues, it MUST come back to our rescue. No Rogers' Rescues dog should ever be surrendered to a shelter or rehomed to another family without contacting us first.