Mission and vision statements

Rogers’ Rescues is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer companion canine rescue organization dedicated to preventing and ending the unjustifiable execution of adoptable companion canines in U.S. shelters by providing them a chance at becoming permanent, loved family members.


We are dedicated to providing a means for people to contribute time, resources and expertise for the greater good of making a quality of life difference for adoptable companion canines; and dream of the day when companion canines are no longer sentenced to death simply because no one loved them.


  • To rescue adoptable companion canines in danger of being executed in U.S. shelters Goals
  • To provide our rescued canines with foster home care where they will be loved and treated as a member of the family prior to adoption.
  • To assume financial responsibility and full veterinary care for our rescued canines prior to adoption.
  • To coordinate adoptions of our rescued canines into approved, loving homes desiring a permanent family companion.
  • To establish charitable aid projects with U.S. animal shelters and provide them with volunteers, materials, and financial assistance to help improve quality of life conditions and to prevent and end the unjustifiable execution of adoptable companion canines.
  • To publicly advocate the practices of spaying and neutering of companion animals to help control the pet population.
  • To publicly advocate rescue and adoption as opposed to the purchasing from and the perpetuation of pet stores, puppy mills, and backyard breeders.