Nessa's story

Nessa when she arrived from the shelterNessa was turned into the shelter because her family’s other dogs were attacking her. Her wounds confirmed the story. She had countless bites, a ripped up ear, torn open rear leg, and she was limping. The family said they couldn't stop the attacks so the shelter took her and sewed up what they could with their limited resources. 


When she came North to Rogers' Rescues one week later, she was still suffering from her wounds. She went to live in a foster home with other German Shepherds and she was welcomed with open paws. Nessa was even great at meeting the new dogs. Her spirit is amazing!


When Nessa visited the vet, he cropped her ear down to get rid of all the existing infection and put her on plenty of antibiotics to help her with the infections that had developed in her front legs. Also, her rear leg was infected where it was ripped open by the dog fight and stitches ran from her hip to her knee. Her first round of treatment cost $646.


The vet later took x-rays and performed physical tests and discovered an old ACL tear in her rear knee that was causing a serious limp that would eventually cause issues in the other leg if not dealt with.  She underwent ACL repair surgery and then had to spend several hours in the ER getting sewn back up after she ripped her stitches out.

Between the surgery and the ER visit, the rescue spent $1400.


Nessa took a few months to fully recuperate from her injuries and surgery. Happy and healthy,she was adopted in September, 2010 by Ken and Willie Zelenakas. These days, Nessa is getting all the love she deserves and happily enjoys her daily walks -- with hardly a lingering limp!